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Carnevale di Venezia at the DIA

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Any event held in the world famous DIA – especially within the Riviera court, is almost always guaranteed to be stunning, which is why we here at the Display Group love getting the opportunity to produce an event in that gorgeous space. When the DIA’s Founders Junior Council approached us to help with an event, we were ecstatic. The event, Carnevale di Venezia, was to mirror of the famous Carnival of Venice, known for its elaborate costumes and baroque masks.



DIA at night Carnevale di Venezia at the DIA

Getting the party started.


In order to recreate this fabulous Venetian Carnival, Display Group had to pull out all of the stops; combining our elegant furniture with custom made décor. Our gorgeous mahogany bar was placed stylishly in the middle of the room; the expansive bar served many guests with ease and the beauty of the design kept the event feeling upscale. We created intimate seating areas with our posh black and white sectional furniture, alternating in a checkered pattern and accented with the colorful pop of pillows and gold leaf trays. Draping our fully customizable (hyperlink) Cube Tables with colorful fabric and lighting from within created a playful feel inside the regal DIA. Colorful lighting bounced off of the already beautiful surroundings, creating a dazzling and inviting place to let loose.
A focal centerpiece of the evening was our custom designed and built centerpieces which sprouted from our plush white leather ottomans. Designed to evoke the playfulness and ornate nature of the event, these custom black, red and white centerpieces stood tall as a work of art, even when placed in the center of one of the most beautiful art museums in the country.


DIA Circ de Solei Feb 8 2014 653 Carnevale di Venezia at the DIA

Beautifully designed centerpiece.


The event went off without a hitch and people enjoyed our version of the Carnevale di Venezia without worrying about sinking into the canals of Venice.

Corporate Events Are Going Above And Beyond With Themes

Friday, January 31st, 2014

It’s one thing to put on a corporate event like a seminar, a trade show, or an incentive meeting — it’s quite another to put on an event that people will remember by the time the next fiscal quarter rolls around. When you put on a corporate event with a strong theme, you get an even more memorable and engaging event, with the same or better end result.

As a side benefit, if organized correctly, you can put a damper on the drinking — or not, depending on how you execute the theme, naturally.

We’ve been paying attention, and we’ve put together a list of some of the more interesting corporate events we’ve seen around and about.

Secret Agent (Wo)Man

A variation on the naughties’ murder mystery party: give every person who comes a ‘secret identity’ and the job of identification and capture of a notorious villain that’s been lured to the event. The actual meat of the event is ‘disguised’ as an excuse for everyone to be there even though it makes up the bulk of everyone’s time and attention.


Walk the Decades

One of Display Group’s favorites, a Walk the Decades party starts on one end of the hall with a 1920′s style setup, and evolves decade by decade as you walk around the room, up to an ultra-modern laser show and dance floor on the far side. Great for a look back at your corporation’s role in American history from the turn of the century.


IMG 1945 300x200 Corporate Events Are Going Above And Beyond With Themes

Our Prohibition Gin bathtub is the perfect addition to your 20s era gathering.


GEDC0158 300x224 Corporate Events Are Going Above And Beyond With Themes

This modern day college dorm room really evokes the millennial feel. It’s ironic to put a hat on a deer, right?

The Reddest Carpet Of All Time

Perfect for events that have a major announcement or unveiling associated with them. Alternately, for incentive meetings. Roll out the red carpet, have the event staff act as paparazzi, and have everyone put on their most glamorous getups. Have a night of frou-frou drinks and high-end eats to go with the announcements.


High Stakes

Get your executives and all-stars together for a fierce competition: gambling! Everyone gets the same amount of fake money, and at the end of the night, they can purchase prizes with whatever they have — or whatever they have left!


Around the World in Eight Displays

From a giant Buddha statue to a classico Italian marketplace to a South American Carnival setup, a massively international theme can be great for announcing a merger, an entry into a new market, or anytime that your company brings far-flung branches together for an important get-together.


IMG 0610 300x210 Corporate Events Are Going Above And Beyond With Themes

Maybe the Italian branch is coming to visit.

Tonic Gator 300x199 Corporate Events Are Going Above And Beyond With Themes

Don’t forget Louisiana branch is coming to the party too.

We’re just barely scratching the surface of the huge potential Display Group brings to your corporate events. Check our website or call us and schedule a chance to walk through our warehouse today!

Quicken Loans Job Fair

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

For this event, held on April 2nd, we developed four unique environments for Quicken loans to interview job candidates for openings in their Banking, IT, Marketing and their title division, Title Source. Each contained branded logos and colors and allowed attendees to discuss employment in a relaxed atmosphere. Soft seating along with tables and stools set the tone for a casual discussion about the opportunities at Quicken.

Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Fundraising Event

Monday, October 11th, 2010

As part of the continuing development of the Detroit Riverfront, Display Group was charged with the challenge of managing Detroit RiverFront Conservancy’s inaugural fundraiser, The Shimmer on the River. This high-profile and exclusive event provided the Conservancy a unique opportunity to recognize its patrons, while also soliciting additional funds for the project.

Display Group’s role in the event was to design the layout of the room, work with the venue to coordinate logistics, and serve as the program manager of the event. This included identifying and delegating roles and responsibilities, transitioning guest movement, and providing high end production support in a very challenging environment. The decor and event elements provided for the event included a custom bar, accents, a stage, podium, audio and visual, lighting, drapery, lounge seating, and cocktail tables. Part of the program management also included script writing and emcee responsibilities.

The end result was a remarkable program that exceeded expectations from both financial and implementation perspectives.

DIA Detroit Showcase

Monday, October 4th, 2010

The 2nd Annual DIA Showcase was an opportunity for over 200 Special Events Industry Clients to see how Display Group can transform the DIA Rental space for their future events. Some quotes heard from the attendees were:

“Attention to detail and scale in working with the existing artwork, amazing.”

“The touch of greenery with clean lined white furniture and mirrors made the room a complete work of art.”

Décor provided in the space were 12’ T Pin Oak Trees, Boxwood hedges, White Leather Banquette seating in Hexagon shape, mirrored tables and white leather low ottomans. Cyan color washed the walls and trees and candles graced the lounge hi top tables, mirrored tables, and ottoman tables.

A final word from a DIA Employee:

“I have never seen the Kresge Reception room look more beautiful, Kudos to Display Group and their talented team.”

Corporate Theme Parties: Fun or Cheesy?

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

tropical theme decor 300x199 Corporate Theme Parties: Fun or Cheesy?How impressive would it be to attend an event that made you feel as though you were walking through a ghost town in the old west, or visiting Detroit back in the ‘60s when Motown was just taking off?

A single great theme party can forge business connections, the benefits of which may be reaped for years afterward. For theme parties, external objectives may be set and met, such as increase in brand recognition or loyalty, increased sales performance, and development of rapport with clientele. Internal objectives may be met, as well, in the case of company parties, such as internal branding, increased efficiency, and improved customer service. Because these types of objectives have been met consistently by successful companies, advertising executives typically budget over 10% of their resources for corporate events.african theme decor 300x199 Corporate Theme Parties: Fun or Cheesy?

The spicy, foreign element and the creativity of the imaginary environment of a theme party can place attendees in the perfect mood to have fun, relax, and develop rapport with a speed that conference rooms will always envy. The goal is to transport guests out of the real world, to a place, time, or idea that will reinforce the host’s project goals. Display Group works side by side with companies to develop the theme that will be most successful for their objectives and company image. After that, our clients can rest easy and forget about execution. We arrange everything, from space rental and set up, to clean up, so that our clients can focus on the event without worrying about the details.

Throwing a successful theme party requires planning, experience, talent, and connections. Every detail matters, whether it be the lighting, scent machines, or Chinese lanterns, because the more believable the world is, the more fun and effective the party becomes. Display Group is proud of our proven track record of success with creating ambiances, top to bottom that have enough flare to make it fun, but are believable and captivating enough to be impressive and elegant.

chinese theme decor 300x199 Corporate Theme Parties: Fun or Cheesy?Display Group has consistently turned ideas, no matter how far fetched, into reality, mirroring worlds as unexpected and exciting as the screening of The Wizard of Oz. Down to the spools of film arranged next to a life size, vintage camera, we arranged a paradise that had guests relaxed and entertained before they sat down on the plush, contemporary yellow chairs. With lush foliage framing the decadent walls of the Emerald City and life size cutouts of Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Tin Man, the environment effectively reproduced the sentiments from the movie. Drawing on our talented staff and resources (we have a 200,000 sq. ft. rental facility, full to the brim with props, knick knacks, and costumes), we were able to set a scene for an evening that guests will never forget.