Mayor Archer Collection – Portable Display Installation

We were tasked by Mayor Archer and his family to create a visual collection of the mayor’s accomplishments and highlights during his tenure as the Mayor of Detroit. What we came up with was a unique display using sturdy aluminum supports with stretched fabric to display photos and highlights. This unique design and system not only provides a visually stunning display but also makes it very portable as the display travels across the country. The first stop, with a setup in Strohm Hall at the Detroit Public Library, created the perfect room for the display’s unveiling.

Here are some specifics about the Mayor Archer Collection at the Detroit Public Library

Dennis W. Archer, former Detroit mayor and Michigan Supreme Court Justice, served two four-year terms as mayor of the city of Detroit (1994-2001), and was president of the National League of Cities in 2001. After leaving the mayor’s office, Mr. Archer was elected chairman of Dickinson Wright PLLC, a 200-person, Detroit-based law firm with offices in Michigan and in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Archer gave his personal and municipal records of his mayoral years, as well as his Supreme Court papers, to the Detroit Public Library upon leaving office eight years ago. Mr. Archer and his wife Trudy also donated to the Library $25,000 to process the collection, which will reside in the Burton Historical Collection at Main Library.

Here are some pictures including the original spec drawings that we created for approval.

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