How to Recognize Corporate Event Sponsors

corporate sponsors wallWith sponsorship dollars limited in today’s economy, proper recognition of event sponsors is critical. You need to let your sponsors know that they’re appreciated and that they are getting good visibility at the event for their support. One critical area to recognize sponsors is in any printed or web based materials, which logos should be included, if possible.

At the event, take advantage of putting sponsor names in front of your audience. Placing event sponsor logos in high traffic areas with light walls ensures they will get good visibility. Placing a sponsor logo at the entrance of the event or at the registration area is a great way to put them in the spotlight. It’s important for attendees to know who helped make the event a success.

If you are using any Audio Visual for other aspects of the program, it’s simple to add sponsor logos and no extra cost. Ask you AV provider how they would need the files, and they should be able to take care of it for you.

How to Recognize Event Sponsors

gobo light logo
Depending on the scope of your event, there are several ways to thank sponsors. For simple events, sponsors may be recognized on signs at registration or main thoroughfares. Any existing Audio Visual assets should be used, and at no additional cost in most cases. You can also mention them specifically during the program.

For higher profile events, lighted towers and walls, step & repeat logo walls, and exclusive access to VIP areas are all popular ways to recognize their generosity. Gobo lighting, which projects logos on walls, ceilings or floors, may also be utilized to highlight sponsors. Like your attendees, you want sponsors to enjoy themselves, and most importantly be back again next year.

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