Greenery – Pantone of 2017






It’s all about Greenery (Pantone 15-0343, in fact) this year.

Chosen by the world-renowned Pantone Color Institute, Greenery has been selected as the “it” color this year for all things design, digital, interior, home, fashion, plastics and more. Known as an inspirational and energizing shade, designers are embracing the color as a symbol of ‘new beginnings’ and as nature’s neutral. Display Group’s Event Producer Kacy Irwin says, “Greenery’ is fresh and inviting, and is reflective of our healthy and natural lifestyles that are becoming more prevalent every day. This exciting announcement by Pantone is a significant nod towards the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in,’ and integrating a crisp outlook on everything we do, including special events!“.

Kacy recreated the pictured event inspiration using Display Group’s in-house inventory. Pairing metal furniture, graphics, printed and shag rugs, Kacy’s vision reflects the essence of Greenery. For anything/everything else green (or greenery), Display Group hosts a variety of items and décor that reflect this years’ top pantone.

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