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Looking for something unique or built just for your event? Let our talented designers create something for your specific needs! Whether it’s re-purposing existing stock into a new design, or creating something custom, Display Group has the resources available to design and build anything you may need. With our in-house carpentry, sculpture, scenic painting, lighting and graphic design professionals, we’ll handle the entire design and build, all under one roof. Contact us to discuss your many options.

Client Case Studies:

  • New Orlean’s Themed Fundraiser

    Client: Children's Center Fundraiser

    Venue: Hotel Banquet Room

    Event Type: New Orleans & Cajun Themed

    The goal of our client was simply stated: to transform the banquet room of a typical chain hotel into a VIP experience worthy of the all-star guest list that would be attending. Our client wanted to showcase his lighting prowess, using the opportunity to sponsor the VIP section of “The World’s Greatest Office Party” for a children’s center fundraiser as a jumping point for gaining new, high powered clients. Display Group’s part of the venture was to take a drab, beige room and transform it into two separately themed, but cohesive, VIP areas; roped off from general admission, but visible, so as to encourage the sale of more VIP tickets. The client wanted the look and feel of Downtown New Orleans coupled with a Louisiana bayou alongside.

  • Employee Vacation Destination Party

    Client: Employee Vacation Destination Party

    Venue: Detroit Marriott’s Renaissance Ballroom

    Event Type: Holiday Party

    Our client was contracted by a major Detroit based company to throw their employee holiday party. Our objective: give some 10,000 people the “vacation” of a lifetime, without ever leaving the Motor City. The four walls of Detroit Marriott’s Renaissance Ballroom would house a destination themed event; taking visitors from the beach, to a ski chalet, over to a European retreat, and finally, a campout in the woods. The size of the company, over 10,000 members, meant the event was to take place over four separate nights, with a myriad of different people cycling through each evening.

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