Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Fundraising Event

As part of the continuing development of the Detroit Riverfront, Display Group was charged with the challenge of managing Detroit RiverFront Conservancy’s inaugural fundraiser, The Shimmer on the River. This high-profile and exclusive event provided the Conservancy a unique opportunity to recognize its patrons, while also soliciting additional funds for the project.

Display Group’s role in the event was to design the layout of the room, work with the venue to coordinate logistics, and serve as the program manager of the event. This included identifying and delegating roles and responsibilities, transitioning guest movement, and providing high end production support in a very challenging environment. The decor and event elements provided for the event included a custom bar, accents, a stage, podium, audio and visual, lighting, drapery, lounge seating, and cocktail tables. Part of the program management also included script writing and emcee responsibilities.

The end result was a remarkable program that exceeded expectations from both financial and implementation perspectives.

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