Corporate Theme Parties: Fun or Cheesy?

Tropical Theme DecorHow impressive would it be to attend an event that made you feel as though you were walking through a ghost town in the old west, or visiting Detroit back in the ‘60s when Motown was just taking off?

A single great theme party can forge business connections, the benefits of which may be reaped for years afterward. For theme parties, external objectives may be set and met, such as increase in brand recognition or loyalty, increased sales performance, and development of rapport with clientele. Internal objectives may be met, as well, in the case of company parties, such as internal branding, increased efficiency, and improved customer service. Because these types of objectives have been met consistently by successful companies, advertising executives typically budget over 10% of their resources for corporate events.African Theme Decor

The spicy, foreign element and the creativity of the imaginary environment of a theme party can place attendees in the perfect mood to have fun, relax, and develop rapport with a speed that conference rooms will always envy. The goal is to transport guests out of the real world, to a place, time, or idea that will reinforce the host’s project goals. Display Group works side by side with companies to develop the theme that will be most successful for their objectives and company image. After that, our clients can rest easy and forget about execution. We arrange everything, from space rental and set up, to clean up, so that our clients can focus on the event without worrying about the details.

Throwing a successful theme party requires planning, experience, talent, and connections. Every detail matters, whether it be the lighting, scent machines, or Chinese lanterns, because the more believable the world is, the more fun and effective the party becomes. Display Group is proud of our proven track record of success with creating ambiances, top to bottom that have enough flare to make it fun, but are believable and captivating enough to be impressive and elegant.

Chines Theme DecorDisplay Group has consistently turned ideas, no matter how far fetched, into reality, mirroring worlds as unexpected and exciting as the screening of The Wizard of Oz. Down to the spools of film arranged next to a life size, vintage camera, we arranged a paradise that had guests relaxed and entertained before they sat down on the plush, contemporary yellow chairs. With lush foliage framing the decadent walls of the Emerald City and life size cutouts of Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Tin Man, the environment effectively reproduced the sentiments from the movie. Drawing on our talented staff and resources (we have a 200,000 sq. ft. rental facility, full to the brim with props, knick knacks, and costumes), we were able to set a scene for an evening that guests will never forget.

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